Monday, July 28, 2008

Apples and Tracks!

The girls have had a wild day full of apples and walking, exciting stuff! Miriam had her speech today , it was a day of eating and naming. She was presented a food got to take a bite then had to name the food. WELL, for the first time ever she was handed a whole apple. I don't know why she has never been given a whole apple,I guess perhaps because all the toddlers I have known prefer them cut up so it has become a habit. Such a habit I seem to have forgotten she is no longer a toddler. When she was handed the nice juicy COLD red apple, she felt it all over then bit intoit. Once she used enough force to break the skin she went insane, turning and biting with an almost animal force, she was so funny but she LOVED that apple. The girl LOVES her apples, I thought she couldn't like them anymore but she ate that apple right down to the stem. We sat there for 45 minutes watching her devour it in absolute amazement. 45 minutes of speech talking to her about the texture, juiciness and taste of an apple. WHO KNEW you could say so much about fruit?Miriam said her apple was sticky, juicy and when she went to eat the core she said "eh, nasty" BUT SHE ATE IT ANYWAY... children amaze me but she amazes far more than any child I have ever seen.

Now onto Miss Georgia. She no longer goes with us to Miriams speech, instead she stays at home with our friend Joanna and her little girl about Gia's age. Her baby walks really well andeven though wehave seen Gia walk she won't doit. Well since Joanna has been coming Gia has been walking more. Tonight she really surprised us by walking across the whole livingroom to get to her daddy. We were so happy.

There are photos to come, I just have to upload them onto the desktop which hates me right now. Not that the laptop is doing any better. Tom spilled a drink on it and now the spacebar sticks and the backspace doesn't work which makes it very difficult to type anything. I am sorry if you are reading this andyoufind a bunch of words written together. I tried toget them all but I have pregnancy brain and most likely overloooked


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