Wednesday, September 15, 2010

REVIEW: Vertical Mega Bubbles Generator

So this weekend was my blind daughters 6th birthday and she LOVES bubbles so much that we decided to purchase a bubble machine. We ended up going with the Infinite bubble Vertical Mega Bubbles Generator which we found half off at Wal-Mart. The promise of this machine is to "Make thousands of bubbles of all sizes in minutes!".

After the 10 minutes it took to unpackage and set up we found this product to be very deceptive. Not only did it take HALF the 32 oz bubble solution but it barely made any bubbles! Sure it can make thousands of bubbles in "minutes" but it doesn't tell you exactly how many minutes! We waited out "patiently" the 5 minutes set up time to find that bubbles were shot straight up into the air at about 1 - 3 bubbles at a time to pop within seconds. They never made their way near our children! In the hour we kept the machine running Miriam never had a chance at the bubbles as they never got close enough to her to play with them before they popped. Our sighted children just sat by waiting as the next bubble would pop out of the machine just in hope to pop one. This machine is a total dud with horrible reviews all over the internet. I wish I had come home and read the reviews before I purchased but I was hypnotized by the 15.00 clearance price! Next time I will try to remember that on occasion items are on clearance because they simply aren't worth owning!

BOTTOM LINE: Doesn't come close to expectations. If this is your only bubble machine option reconsider and purchase the cheap 1.00 4 pack of wand bubbles. Your kids will thank you for it!

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