Thursday, September 16, 2010

Review: Snuggle Exhilarations Black Rasberry & Hydrangea

I just had to break out with a review of this heavenly scented fabric softner. Snuggle exhilarations Black raspberry and Hydrangea the newest scent in the snuggle fabric softener family. We all know that Snuggle on it's own is a wonderful softener for your clothes, my review is about this wonderful combination of scents. It reminds me of a cross between old books and that "smell" a grandmother's house had as a child. That all to familiar smell that offers us comfort and contentment. I attribute this wonderful old fashioned smell to the wonderful dreams I had last night as I drifted away with the scent passing through my nose and straight into my heart. I dreamed I was at my grandmother's house once more , I was going through her garage and in her garage was every childhood toy, every book, everything that I loved when I was little. I opened box after box recognizing first this scent that jumped out of each one. It was such a pleasant dream remembering my youth.

In the bottle you do not know what to think, it smells sweet with a hint of floral but this "old fashioned" smell is what you end up with when you pull your fabrics out of the dryer and I am in love! I purchased this heavenly scent on clearance and I went back for more. I just hope it was on clearance due to a change of label because I cannot see myself ever buying another scent as long as I live. It is just perfect! Snuggle, thanks for the memories!



  1. Oh I LOVE you new layout!!! It is sooooo cool. It is all just tooo cute!

  2. Hi,

    I love snuggles. It's the one joy from getting the laundry done.

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