Monday, September 6, 2010

A "not so simple" Woman's Daybook.

Outside my window, I can see the dog sleeping peacefully on his stomach. Each time I look at him with his legs stretched out to the sky I wonder what is must be like to have such a simple and peaceful life like that dog. That all day long I can lay out in the sun staring up to God. Do you think dogs see something?

I am thinkingabout how I can manage to fit no worksheets into tomorrow. I want our day to be a day of learning and games. I want to spend the day smiling and laughing with my girls while still learning everything on our agenda.

I am thankful that our family was able to spend a perfect day together. A day free of arguments and full of happiness and joy.

From the Learning rooms this Monday, we went to the park with my husband who had the day off. We learned of nature on a beautiful hike, had a fun scavenger hunt and we got to watch the girls laugh and play on swings and slides.

From the kitchen, we had frozen pizza because the heat really got to me and a migraine was raging.

I am wearing , my favorite brown shirt with gold stitching and my favorite pair of green Capri's.

I am creating a curriculum for tomorrow.

I am going to hurry up and finish this so I can rest next to my husband and get a good nights sleep so my head is clear and ready for another day!

I am still reading "The Bible". From beginning to end, New and Old!

I am hoping, that my girls are resting peacefully and comfortably. (and to win the lottery but aren't we all? lol)

I am hearing , the clock tick next to me and wishing it wasn't so loud.

Around the house, it is a mess and full of folded laundry that needs to be put away.

One of my favorite things is lifting up my shirt just enough for my belly to touch my husbands back. Something about the skin of my stomach touching his back always makes me feel safe.

A few plans for the rest of the week: to purchase a birthday present for Miss Miriam who is going to be 6 years old, to buy an ice cream cake (her favorite) and celebrate Sunday evening as a family!

Here's a picture thought that I am sharing, it is a picture of my Miriam as a baby with her favorite toy. I cannot believe my Angel is going to be 6 years old next week.

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  1. What a beautiful baby :)
    I found your blog on Follow me Back Tuesday! Have a great night.