Monday, September 13, 2010

Music monday #1

We had our first ever Music Monday which we made short because today is Miriam's 6th birthday and we have some fun to plan! Although today's school day was rockin fun! Here is what was on today's Music Monday agenda!

For ABC learning we went back over the letters A & B in song using flashcards and actual alphabet songs I found online @ DLTK KIDS.

We sang:
The Letter "A" Rhyme
A Marching Army Ant
The Apple Man, "Bear"
Buzzing around the room
Bouncy Blue Balloon. (we found this song elsewhere, I forgot to mark it but the song is as follows)

Lyrics to "A Bouncy Blue Balloon"

(tune of "If you're happy and you know it")

Oh, I wish I was a bouncy blue balloon.
Oh, I wish I was a bouncy blue balloon.
Oh, I'd float into the air,
Then I'd *POP* without a care.
Oh, I wish I was a bouncy blue balloon.

For Georgia I made some matching flash cards with the songs pasted to the back and for Miriam we used foam alphabet letters. (feel free to use the cards)

For our reading circle we had a great time singing the books Itsy Bitsy Little Spider & Twinkle Twinkly Little star by Kate Toms. The girls LOVE having these two books read in song, they are beautiful and sweet stories of beloved classics.

For our counting and numbers lesson we sang the "Boom Boom Song" which you can find the words to here as well as a clip sample. Along with the song we played the drums then we counted music beats for various instruments up to 20. Once finished we would pass the instruments yelling "PASS" in song so everyone got a turn at each instrument.

For arts and crafts we had loads of fun making our own "Quarter Machine Maracas" in which we used the small "eggs" from quarter toy machines, rice, beans, bells and Popsicle sticks to make our special musical instruments which Georgia deemed "The best arts/crafts ever!".

During our concepts lesson we cranked up "Greg and Steve" who both happen to provide our children's FAVORITE kids friendly music. Greg and Steve have been a favorite of Miriam's since her OT introduced her to them at just 6 months old. If you have never shared Greg and Steve with your little ones they come with high praise from the Bramletts! Most of their songs are interactive so you get more than just exciting music!

We concluded the day singing Circles go Round and Round as we played with the foam sand shapes we made a while ago.

I think incorporating Music in our Mondays took away the "Monday Blues" because there was not one grump in the house. Even Sophia managed to stay most of the day without going down for her nap. Hooray for Music Monday!

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