Thursday, September 9, 2010

Monkey Tales Homeschool Blog Hop!

Are you a homeschooler who would love to have more readers to not only share your experiences but to learn from? If so Join our new homeschool hop! I made it for purely selfish reasons of course as this is my first year and I REALLY need ideas. Your blogs keep my days going so thanks in advance for joining the hop!


1. "Follow" the host blog Sugar, Spice & Monkey Tales.
2. Post our banner with a link to our homeschool hop in a post on your blog.
3. Add the link to the post to the hop below.
4. Choose the blogs you want to follow and follow them.
5. Be sure to leave a comment for each blog you follow so they know you followed.
Follow back all homeschool blogs who follow you from the hop.

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog, I would be glad to support you with your linky here. Always love meeting new people, bloggers, homeschoolers, Christians.
    Have you ever been to Mama to 3 Blessings blog? She has a Friday Blog Hop, in fact this week's is up right now. Kylie over at Our Worldwide Classroom also has a Blog Hop called Homeschool Blog Hop. Both buttons are on my left sidebar and their blogs are on my blog list.
    Glad to meet you. Blessings

  2. Thank you so much for visiting me back! I visit Mama to 3 blessings often. I love her blog and just joined her hop about 10 minutes ago. I will go check out the other homeschool hop! All the hops I keep finding for homeschoolers are closed, I will join all I

  3. Just an FYI- your blog hop button brings you to a page that does not exist on your blog. Please let me know when it is fixed so I can repost it on my blog!


  4. I left a comment on another post, but thought I would here too. I am still having trouble with the button not linking back to your blog.

  5. Yeah I just went to yours then to Child Centrals , theirs is working fine. I think you have to recopy & paste the code for it to work. I think you are still using the old code. Hopefully that will help. :-)

    Thanks so much for trying!