Monday, September 20, 2010

Changes , Changes, everywhere!

Today we made a BIG decision for our family which seems to be a trend with us. Our goal for the past 6 months has been to get to Oregon next year but financially and job wise that is looking more and more impossible. Our goal is still to eventually move our kids to Oregon but we feel it is going to take us longer to achieve that goal. In the meantime we have decided to leave the small towns and move to my hometown which is Austin.


1. Tom is very happy in his job and there have even been talks about a promotion. Tom has never been this happy working for a company before and we both see him being there for a very long time. He will still be the same distance to work.

2. There are homeschool Co-ops and groups in Austin, TONS of them that we could join. And I REALLY want to be involved in a group homeschooling environment.

3. There are so many more opportunities for socialization in Austin. The parks always have other children to play with, there are events and there are places like Gymboree to take the girls to.

4. There are more job opportunities for me to work in the evenings. It is my goal to get a job while the girls are sleeping. I am an insomniac which I have been since I was 13 years old. I do not sleep much and am usually just wasting time alone on the computer. It would be nice to utilize that time better & have some extra money coming in to SAVE for our Oregon move.

5. There are more things for us to do as a FAMILY in Austin.

6. I know Austin very well because I grew up in Austin.

7. There is a decent public transportation system which means no matter what our vehicle situation the girls and I would always have a way about town.

8. The city is blind safe with beep lights and braille throughout. And because it is home to the largest school for the blind in the US people are used to seeing blind people about town.

We plan on moving within the next couple months. Starting this weekend Tom is going to work on getting his truck mobile. It has been inoperable for a while, it will be running and inspected in the next few weeks. Once that is done we are going start looking for a place. The one thing we know is that we want is 3 bedrooms with some kind of storage (or a garage) and we would like to live in South Austin. Tom says he always dreamed of living near the hike trail so we are going to shoot for the Barton Springs area. The nice thing about moving is that Tom's work hours are perfect to avoid traffic. He has to be at work by 6am and leaves at 2:30 so the commute traffic wise is not going to be a big deal. The commute will be the exact same amount of time he drives here.

So, in 2 months we will be living back in my hometown and will be city folk again. It seems kind of weird to think about it because I have not been a city girl since I left Los Angeles 8 years ago. And who knows, maybe we will end up enjoying city life so much we stay in Texas. Tom really wants his own shop and I want my own restaurant/thrift store, maybe we will be business owners as well. You never know, time can only tell.

All I do know is the second we step foot in Austin I am joining the Daughters of the republic. My great great grandfather Sion Bostick's picture stands in the capital of Texas, my family were some of the first colonist in Texas AND Austin, with land given to them by my great great grandfathers friend the infamous Stephen F. Austin himself. My grandfather was one of only 6 men who were sent to capture and imprison Santa Ana during the Revolution. They helped make Texas and Austin what it is and I plan on making sure everyone knows who my children are so they can have a better life than my lazy parents gave me. I want my girls to know the great men they came from. I should have joined sooner but I thought we were moving and I don't join things like this unless I give it all I have to give.

Austin, here we come!

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  1. I moved back to my home town about 18 months ago - but the other way around, from the city to the country. Good luck with your move! Mine's been nothing but positive.

    PS: Found you via Tuesday Tag-Along

  2. Austin! Jealous! I've heard so many great things, I'd love to visit Austin someday...