Saturday, September 11, 2010

Princess Miriam Monkey, our budding "child"!

Happy Birthday Miriam

Today was day number one on the Miriam birthday train! This is the day we revealed Miriam's first birthday present and celebration which was a trip to her favorite indoor playroom called The Hoppin Hippo. Only this was the first time daddy got to join us and I think that made all the difference because Miriam is the very definition of "daddy's girl". I am not sure if it was because Tom was there, because homeschooling is making that much of a difference or a little bit of both but Miriam was once again a completely different child. I was on the verge of crying for joy most of the time in fact I am pretty sure I did manage a tear of two. She was all over the place, making her own choices of where she wanted to play. With no help she climbed into bounce houses, into ball pits, climbed slides and ladders and (this is my favorite) she even made a friend! Miriam literally for the first time EVER played with another child other than her sisters, she even used his name "Owen". Typically she is a loner but things are changing faster than I could ever imagine and WE love it! Today I saw (pardon the tears falling right now) a "child" for the first time since giving birth to my beautiful angel. Of course I always saw a child by definition but it is the first time I have seen in her a child living life LIKE a child. I have dreamed of this day for 6 years, the day where she smiles and interacts with other children like a child should. Where she actually "plays" on equipment and with toys instead of having us play "with" or "for" her. And what I mean by that is that other times when we have gone she typically rolls and bounces on her tummy. When she stands up to bounce it is because I went in and stood her up or held her hand when she bounced on her feet. She never took the initiative to do either on her own. I had to put her in the house and I had to take her out. This time she was searching for the exit or a slide to leave on her own and that is such an amazing thing! The ONLY toy she ever behaved like this with was her trampoline or her bounce horse but to me that doesn't count because that is in the comfort of her home and she does tons of stuff at home that she wouldn't dare do in public. My little Angel grew out of an unexplainable stage today and became a child. There are not enough words to express to anyone how happy Tom and I both are.

After 3 hours of hoppin Tom took us all out to our favorite Chinese restaurant Bien Hoa. We relaxed, we ate and came home to some cookies and SpongeBob before bed. I cannot wait until next Saturday for Miriam to see her REAL birthday outing! Morgan's Wonderland here we come!

Enjoy the slideshow. There were WAY too many I loved to post directly. :-)


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