Friday, August 27, 2010

Update to my last post...

I meant to say all of this last night but it got really late and I cut myself short....

I wanted to add that I am a realist and I know I am blessed with the financial ability to stay at home with my children. There was a time where we would have never had this chance, we now have it because my husband worked very hard to secure this life. We are not wealthy, are not even middle class by definition but all of our bills get paid and we can enjoy outside activities on occasion. I understand some people cannot afford to do this and live comfortably. I also understand that it is not always the fault of the teacher. The last two years I was very happy with Miriam's home room teachers. Her homeroom teachers always took my advice and tried their best to make Miriam a part of things. They did not push her to the level she needed to be pushed but as with every political arrangement there are limits to what the "employees" can do. I am sure if teachers were not fought at every turn they could do a better job getting through to children but the public education system IS in fact nothing but a political scheme. The major conflicts I usually end up having (with the exception of teachers in Clarksville, TX who did NOTHING to better her education but feed her and nap her.) are with VI teachers and/or specialists. VI being the number one worst people at accepting advice or thoughts from parents! I still stand by the fact that a home-school education if taught by parents that put their all into the education process is the BEST and ONLY option for homeschooling. If there is anyway you can manage to home-school then I highly suggest trying it. Homeschooling can be done around your schedule and many states have programs like K-12 that offer FREE at home education.

If you work 9-5 you can home-school in the evenings, if you work at night you can home-school in the afternoon after you have slept. The nice thing is that home-school does not take the massive amount of time public school steals from you. And you don't need a classroom, you don't need fancy furnishings or wall posters all you need is the will and the knowledge that this IS the way to go. I have read so many experiences of homeschooling and I know your kids will thank you for it!


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