Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fun weekend!....NOT!

Since Thursday I had been having horrible stomach pains. Thursday we thought I had gas, Saturday we thought it was "other" issues. I even went to a movie by myself thinking it was nothing big. The pain I was having had calmed down and my stomach was sore from all the craziness with it the days before (so I thought). Sunday morning I got up to go to church however and the pain was so bad I could barely walk. I couldn't touch my stomach, sitting felt like knives going through me so naturally this Sunday it was my turn to go to the hospital. We got there , found out it was going to be a while because they would have to run many tests so I sent Tom and the girls home. No need for them to have to wait and suffer for hours because I had a tummy ache. A few hours later and a cat scan later Tom was getting a phone call telling him I was being rushed into Surgery before I keeled over and died. Apparently my appendix was on the verge of bursting. According the the DR. he wasn't a little surprised it did not burst days ago so it seems I have a little someone on my side up above who wants to see me live this life. He did assure me that a few more hours it would have burst and a day later I would have surely been dead. Which to me translated to my passing out cold while Tom was at work and my children having to live with their mothers dead body for hours being scarred for life. Needless to say I was SCARED TO DEATH! At the same time the DR. was telling me that my gallbladder was failing me and would eventually need to be removed as well but given the emergency situation they did not want to remove both at the same time. He did say that if the 3 rather large gallstones started bothering me that I would end up back in the ER prepping up again to go under the knife. I was told to change my diet drastically and lose weight immediately.

I spent 2 days in the hospital stuck in "Isolation" because that was the only room they had available on the surgery floor. I had no clue until my husband told me and once he did it certainly did explain why when the Clergy came in to "pray for me" she stayed on the other side of the room by the door ready to run at the slightest cough. And why cleaning staff wore masks to clean my floor and take out the garbage! I was assured people had been told I was not going to cough on them and kill them but it seems they did not believe the nursing staff. (maybe that should have concerned me? lol) For the entire 2 days I ate NOTHING. I had an IV stuck in my arm, some rather interesting broth that if you focused really hard you could pretend you were eating roast beef (which incidentally I am supposed to stay away from now that my gallbladder is "failing" me, lay off the red meat), yummy (sarcasm) sugar free vanilla pudding which if anything could have totally substituted itself for unseasoned hamburger meat..blech, coffee strong enough to kill Juan Valdez (or my husband which is saying a, and lots of warm cranberry juice. By the time I left I had a bruise on my butt from the worlds most uncomfortable bed, 3 holes in my stomach, a massive headache, bruises in both arms from ill places IVs and Morphine to kill the pain from all for a hooray for that! It was the 17,000 dollar vacation of my dreams...or shall I say, nightmares!

I am so glad to be home with my wonderful family , sleeping in my own uncomfortable bed. My uncomfortable 6 year old bed has never given me bruises on the butt!

I would like to give a small Ode to my Appendix however. We have come a long way together, it has been a friend, a foe and...well...whatever the else appendixes are supposed to do it did that too.



  1. Okay woman... when in pain you NEED to take care of yourself! That is an order. But this is the pot calling the kettle black LOL.. Happy to know you are alive and well! Hugs Mama Hugs