Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Miriam!

This weekend was hectic but turning 5 is a big deal so we pulled it together and tried to give Miriam the best possible turning 5 experience she could have.

Originally we had planned on a classic backyard BBQ with a bounce house and other fun outdoor games. But the Weather had different plans for us and we had to figure out a way to have the party with 40 people on the RSVP list inside the house. In order to do this we had to clean up the garage.


As you can very well see, cleaning up the garage filled with garage sale items, donation items, unpacked boxes (that unfortunately had been opened and rummaged through a million times) and hundreds of other random items was not going to be an easy task. Not only did we have to get this garage cleaned in order to have room for all those people but I had to get our messy kid lived house clean as well.

I started the garage on Thursday and Tom finished the Garage on Saturday probably about 10 minutes before the first family arrived. PHEW! It is so nice to have the Garage clean and our family gift from 2 Christmas's ago set back up again (pool table).

That Saturday morning I was up bright and early (5:00am) to get ready for my day. Because we were not able to use the BBQ and because I wanted to make this birthday special with a home made cake I had cooking to do. I managed to bake/ice decorate 36 cupcakes (chocolate covered strawberry , brownie bottom/strawberry cake on top), a sheet cake (brownie bottom, vanilla cake on top) and enough homemade macaroni and cheese & Spaghetti casserole to feed an army. With a little help from some friends we also managed to put on the table bread sticks & English muffin pizza's. There was PLENTY of food for all! (even though I forgot to serve the salad..ooops!)

Miriam's Rainbow cake! :-)

In the end, even though the preparation was exhausting Miriam was able to enjoy a WONDERFUL birthday with some amazing friends. We all ate (well not , played games (pinata, a scavenger hunt & arts/crafts), had some cake, opened presents and just had a wonderful time. Thanks to everyone who came to share with us the experience of 5 years with our big girl! It is amazing how fast our children grow up. She might not be grown yet but if the years keep going this quickly she will be before we know it!

First thing Miriam discovered about her party was....FOOD!

It's Pinata time!

Enjoying the fruits of her labor!

Having some rough house time with Daddy, always fun...but scary for mommy!

Time for cake. As you can see by looking at her nose, she helped herself before the candle was ever lit! If you look in the final picture you can see how angry she got because she had to wait for cake like the rest of

And the result of the cake eating experience...

And finally Presents!


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  1. Looks like a great party!! I wish we could have been there!! Happy Birthday Miriam!!